You Should Be Glad You Don’t Have These Phobias

As weird as it may sound, seek fear is a vital emotion and plays an important role in human survival. There is a reason for that. Imagine your forefathers trying to hitch a ride on some Sabretooth tigers just because ‘YOLO’. Yup, this web most of us wouldn’t be around reading this. Though, there are a certain set of fears that have no rational grounds. These irrational fears are called phobias and have no logical explanation.

These phobias could literally make leading a normal life an abstract and laborious affair. Here is a list of a few crippling phobias that you should be glad you do not have-


The Persistence of Memory

Chronophobia is basically the fear of time. Think of an alternative reality where you are always aware of the fact that time is passing by and you have absolutely no control over it. You will grow old in a blink of an eye and everything you ever wanted will remain an unfulfilled wish. Not a great feeling to live with.



We all can agree on the fact that sleeping is somewhat a national pass time. So just imagine every time you fall asleep there is a chance that you might never wake up. Yup, that’s what it is to have somniphobia or fear of sleep.


Palace of Varsailles

For people with Domatophobia, Maslow’s hierarchy theory that regards shelter as an utmost human necessity, does not apply. People with Domatophobia have the fear of houses or being in a house.


The Thinker

Stasibasiphobia is a condition where the patient is convinced that walking or even standing is physically impossible. It is not a symptom of laziness or an excuse by lazy people, but a legit condition.

Nyctophobia and Photophobia

Fear the Light

Nyctophobia is the fear of night or darkness, while photophobia is the fear of light. Well not really something you want to have as a birthday present.


Fear of People

Anthropophobia is a fear of people, or in other words, the death of social life. It is like being marooned on an island but without Wilson to give you company. Your existence would be painfully lonesome.


To be or not to be

Chances are that your girlfriend has this condition. Or maybe not. Decidophobia makes it nearly impossible to make decisions. Can you imagine a life where you fear making a simple decision like what to eat for dinner?

Fall to your knees and thank your stars that you have a life that is not crippled by fears so damning.


Bibhu Sarkar

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