Water Crisis Before Summer Sets In

If you live in Bangalore or Pune, you must be familiar with the water crisis that plagues these cities every summer. Even more so if you live in a PG in Bangalore or PG in Pune, where the primary water source is expensive water tankers that bring in tons of the precious liquid for the residents to use. The news that we are about to give you should put you on your toes.

Water Scarcity

As reported by The News Minute Karnataka’s major reservoirs, like the Krishna Raja Sagar dam, are near dead storage levels, and bore wells are also drying up. If proper rains do not arrive by the end of May, large parts of Bengaluru will be in trouble, reports The Quint.

BWSSB (Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board) has deployed around 70 tankers and has requested the Bengaluru Deputy Commissioner for an additional 50 tankers. The BWSSB has already begun drilling borewells in various areas. BWSSB Chairman, Tushar Girinath has commented that water supply has not been affected as the agency was drawing 1,350 MLD of water every day from KRS to cater to the residents’ needs.

“We are hoping for the rains to arrive in late May or early June. The water from KRS will suffice only till May 31. Currently, water is being supplied on alternate days but the supply may reduce to twice a week if the situation worsens,” Girunath added.


As per news media ‘Sakal Time’, the State government of Pune has said that it is not possible to supply water to Pune city and the district from Mulshi dam, which is now in the possession of Tata Power Company Ltd.  Due to the skyrocketing population in the city, fulfilling the need for drinking and agriculture water is turning out to be a major issue.

MLA from Pune district Rahul Kul raised this issue in the Assembly and demanded that water is supplied from Mulshi dam to Pune district for agricultural purpose. The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) had also demanded that the dam supply water to Pune city. Water Resource Minister Girish Mahajan replied to Kul and said, “It is not possible to supply water from Mulshi dam to Pune district. There is a contract between the government and Tata company and all the terms and conditions of the contract are in favor of the company.” The minister added that as per the contract, the company would use this water for electricity generation and drinking water purpose.

Water woes are set to increase if no remedial actions are taken. So if you are residing in rented rooms and PGs in Bangalore or Pune, do your part to curb water wastage. If you have observed enough, you’ll know that having to call water tankers is a daunting and expensive task eating into the earth’s depleting resources.

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