Watch These Action Movies To Spice Up Your PG Life

Every year, more about a plethora of epic action films flood the box office. But only a few of them taste sweet success. These movies are so darn good that they would make you believe you can drop kick rapscallions into oblivion. But you probably would twist your ankle and go crying back to your mommy. So if you are staying alone and need to spice up your PG life, check these movies out:

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

TerminatorWith a mind-bending sci-fi premise, adrenaline-pumping action, and glorious visual effects, Terminator 2 was way ahead of its time. Yet that didn't stop the movie from setting the world box-office on fire.

The Matrix

The-MatrixWith an undertone of numerous philosophical paradoxes that will leave you dizzy, 'The Matrix' produced a whole new mythos surrounding action movies. Never has a sci-fi movie been this beautifully put together. Plus the dose of slow motion shots will leave your jaws hanging.



The retelling of King Leonidas and his army of 300 clothless soldiers attempting to take down the mighty Persian ruler Xerxes and his 100,000 battalion. It's like watching a demo of a Xbox One game.

Enter the Dragon

Enter the dragon

Fans can quibble and say that Bruce Lee was doper before he went all Hollywood, but Enter The Dragon had Jim Kelly, Bolo, and the Master taking on likes of 50 dudes in the penultimate scene. Still no match for Rajnikant, I agree.


Super Cop

Supercop remains Chan's best movie. With high-flying, hilariously timed stunts (all performed by the man himself) and impeccable chemistry with fellow kick-and-punch champ Michelle Yeoh, director Stanley Tong's all-out romp never gets old.

Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior

Ong Bak

The most brutal martial arts movie EVER, brought Muay Thai style to the mainstream, thanks to Tony Jaa's death-defying stunts.

The Raid: Redemption

The Raid

Well, in the case of writer-director Gareth Evans' ferocious and breathless The Raid: Redemption, it's bare hands, feet concealed by boots, and automatic weapons. With the leanest of plots, The Raid incorporates the Indonesian fighting style known as Silat to a punishing degree, showing how SWAT team members and ruthless criminals try to out-Silat one another while trapped inside a beat-down apartment building. The result: Some of the best hand-to-hand choreography you'll ever see.



The Korean filmmaker's third revenge saga has so many mind numbing moments that to call it "intense" is an understatement—and that's not even counting the illest plot twist possibly in film history.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale

James Bond (Daniel Craig) faces off against businessmen with terrorist ties in this gritty franchise reboot. After 20 cheeky movies, the 007 series finally gets real—apparently, killing for a living and heartlessly (digging and) dogging out women makes a man seem draper. Who knew?

The Bourne Ultimatum


The last of a trilogy that improved with each sequel, Ultimatum's relentless cat-and-mouse chase turns a train-station stroll into a pulse-quickening pursuit, a coffee-table book into a brutal weapon, and Matt Damon into the ultimate butt-kicking machine.



An American (Jean-Claude Van Damme, oddly enough) goes AWOL and heads to Hong Kong to compete in one of those super-secret underground martial-arts tournaments. And in a surprise ending, he kicks everyone's butt. No spoilers there eh?!

First Blood

First Blood

The sequel (Rambo) got more hype, but the original is less of a caricatured bloodbath and more of a nuanced look inside the mind of a mentally scarred Vietnam vet who refuses to bow down to authority. Stallone at his best.



Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura, and Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) getting stalked by a dreadlocked alien who's armed with a nuclear device. Cannot get any better.

These movies will have you punching down walls and ripping hearts out. Yes they are that damn awesome. If you have any suggestions, do let us know.

Bibhu Sarkar

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