Want To Improve Your Brain’s Efficiency? Use These Tricks

Your brain is a muscle, help and like every other muscle in your body, more about it needs excercise in order to grow. No, I don't mean your brain needs to lift dumbbells and bench presses. Unfortunately, human evolution hasn't reached a stage where we can detach our brain from our body like an organic flash drive. That would have been awesome though.

Okay I am digressing, so lets get back to the point. By exercise I mean that if you use your brain often (yes, I know a very challenging task for you) and in positive ways, you will morph into Einstein. Lol, in your dreams. More like you will become a more skilled and focused version of yourself. But if you never put that ever so scarce gray matter of yours to work, or bombard it with research materials based on *cough cough* human anatomy, and chemical substances, your ability to think and learn will degrade.

Here are a few simple tricks you can implement in order to get that rusted brain of yours functioning at its best -

Read Books


For starters, I am definitely not talking about the books you have kept hidden from your mom. I am referring to books that will challenge and stimulate your thinking. Reading certain novels can literally change your outlook towards life, and while doing so refine your thought process and writing skills. Re-read till you understand what the author is really trying to say. Believe me, once you discover the joy of reading, you will feel like Dorothy who has just discovered colours.



No, you don't have to channel your inner Ram Dev Baba for this. You just need to sit down and relax for once. Often life gets so overwhelming that everything seems to be out of control. Spending some time by yourself and pondering gives you an opportunity to gather your thoughts and filter out the white noise. It also helps you set your priorities straight.

Avoid the TV


Well, with the prevalent state of Indian Television, you don't need much of  motivation to ditch the TV. Why would you want to subject yourself to all those mindless saas-bahu serials and skull numbing reality shows? Renounce fickle entertainment for a while and rediscover the power of your imagination. You would be surprised by the things your head can conjure up.



Actual physical exercise, not just thinking about it, can vastly increase brain productivity. So if you are of the opinion that just by reading tons of books you would improve your acuity, you are wrong. You see, your brain's productivity is directly proportional to your fitness. So if your body is in peak condition, your brain will function seemlessly.

Early bird


Waking up early is difficult but fruitful. An early riser has the advantage of maximizing  his mental output because the brain is well rested and ready to take on the world. Some of the most successful people in history have been early birds because they knew the benefits and capitalized on it.

Yes, I know these tips are not the most ground breaking ones, but they are highly effective. So get that brain of yours jogging and nourish it with something meaningful.

Bibhu Sarkar

I love orange soda.