Types Of Roommates You’ll Have When You Live In A PG

The good, the bad and the ugly- No I am not referring to the movie, I am talking about the types of roommates you might end up with. Whether it’s a PG in Bangalore, a PG in Pune, or a PG anywhere in the world, you are bound to have someone to share your space with. Someone who has their own particular set of behavioural traits, which may or may not align with your nature. Sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes it’s just plain wrong.

Here is a list of roommates you might run into:

Type –  Mr. India


Once in awhile you will be residing with a roommate who will put Mr. India to shame. No, he/she is not invisible, so they are not watching you covertly, you can continue browsing the internet for your *cough*  ‘research material’.  It is just that they’re constantly going home or to their bae’s crib only to appear once in a blue moon to remind you of their existence.

Type – Count Dracula


This roommate never seems to leave the room. No they will not burst into flames on being exposed to the sun like Count Dracula or maybe they will, not really sure. It’s just that leaving the room seems like an unearthly task for them.

Type – Yo Yo Honey


Yes we get it, life is one big party but come on who on God’s green earth lets loose during the month of final exams?. It’s a miracle how this roommate copes up with all the studying while throwing their hands up in the air. And to make matters worse, they outdo you in exams.

Type – Kanta Ben

Kanta Bai

A very rare species of roommate to find, I tell you. But if you do find one, remember to use your Pokeball to catch ‘em. Reason being that this roommate will make sure the room is spotless, whether you like it or not.

Type – Ramu Kaka

Ramu Kaka

Doesn’t matter what time of the night you wake up at, you will find Ramu Kaka awake. Mind you, he is not the watchman, yet he has taken up the onus to be up all night. His intentions may be noble, but his nocturnal actions are usually responsible for your not-so-great sleep.

Type – Veeru/Jai

Jai Aur Veeru

If you are Jai, he is Veeru, and  if you are Thelma, she is Louise. Legend says this rarely happens but when it does, the stars and the moons align and the universe conspires to provide you a roommate who just turns out to be a BFF in the making.

So which of these is you? And what category does your roommate fall into? Let us know by commenting below.

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