Things You Have Got To Do To Make Life More Fun

90’s kids, visit this site it’s time to face reality, malady cartoon network will never be the same again. And on other news, we are in complete denial about adulthood (At least that’s what my Mom says). So folks it’s time to take off those diapers and put on your big boy shoes. We are on the cusp of adulthood and not really sure what to do. Good news is that there are no fool-proof ways to adult. Bad news being, why the heck not? Since life is all about trial and errors, let’s make grand mistakes. And along the way make our life Legend…. Wait for it…. Dary. Legendary. So here are a few things you have to do :

Visit a new country

New country

Just imagine the prospects of meeting new girls…. Sorry I meant people, meeting new people. Totally. Visiting a new country is like visiting a whole new civilization. It gives you a brand new perspective on life. You are exposed to unfamiliar cultures in an alien land. Except that you are not chased down by shady government agents. I feel for you E.T.

Learn a new language

New language

When I say learn a new language, it’s not just specific words from that language. I mean learn the whole language. You’ll have something fun to do and who knows someday it might help you in ways you wouldn’t even think of. 

Go Bungee Jumping/Skydiving


You don’t want to go through life playing it safe all the time. Once in a while you need a kick that will make you feel alive. Thus bungee jumping and skydiving. I know it sounds insane but believe me it more than that. Sometimes all it takes a distance of 10.000 meters between the you and the mighty earth to know what it means to be alive. Just remember to take an extra pair of pants.

Overcome fear

Ask out

Remember the cute girl you never asked out. Yeah, she doesn’t even know you exist. And all the things you wanted to do but didn’t because ‘Padoswalle Sharmaji kya kahenge’. Don’t let fear cripple you so much that you forget to live. You don’t want to wake up thirty years from now and ask yourself, “What if ?” 

Become a disciplined person


Self-discipline is very vital. If you want to make your dreams a reality, discipline is a must. Without discipline, you are like ‘The Titanic’, all big and amazing but will soon hit an ice berg while Rose and Jack are doing the nasty.

Read loads of books


Just imagine living different lives every other day. Sounds interesting eh! If you read books you’ll know what I am talking about. Books are like the red pill that grants you access into a whole new world every time you read them.

Write a letter to your future self


There are expectations that you have of your self. Write a letter to your future self stating what you hope to achieve over the years not just the number of ex’s you want to have. It would be surreal reading a letter from yourself 10 years down the line.

Stop looking for approval


In the wise words of Tyler Durden, “We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.”

It’s like validation from others has become your life long goal. You care way too much about how others think of you, which results into low self-esteem and confidence. How others perceive you is none of your concern. You just be yourself, unless you are a serial killer.

List down what truly makes you happy


You can have all the riches in the world and still be miserable, so introspect and trace down what makes you truly happy and focus on that. Life will definitely become an enriching experience.

Don’t let anything stop you. Not even time. Hope you do more than what you have set out to and make your life a grand occurrence. Live long and prosper.

Bibhu Sarkar

I love orange soda.