Things To Do In Chennai That Will Make Your Stay Memorable

If you are a travel enthusiast, generic or simply planning to move to Chennai, rest assured the city has a lot to offer. Inspite of being freakly close to the sun, the intense heat won’t drain you of energy during your quest to explore every inch of the city. Here is a list of things you have to do when in Chennai.


Every traveler’s favourite muse is shopping. You simply can’t leave the palce without taking something to remember the journey with.  Venture into  T.Nagar market at any given time, and you will know the true meaning of excess. Packed with shops, the streets never seem to be empty and have something for everyone.

Lose yourself to music

The music culture in Chennai is unique to say the least. People have acquired an eclectic taste in music that range from Classical Carnatic music to skull numbing heavy metal. The heavy metal culture of this city can be only  paralleled by Bangalore.

Take a trip

When in Chennai, don’t just be rooted to the interiors of the city. Rent a vehicle and hit the highway and just get lost. Take trips to Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram just to soak in the experience of travelling unrestrained.

Be a beach bum

Put on your khaki’s and cotton’s, and hit the beaches of Chennai. Feast on fresh fried fish and  prawns, and just lay down on the silver sands.

Explore the architecture

The British infused architecture, with it’s enormous buildings are worth exploring. And just within the city’s vicinity, you can indulge in the French culture  too!

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Chennai is often referred to as the ‘Cultural capital of India’. So it is highly recommended that you let yourself go and just experience the local culture.

Chennai as a city is beyond beautiful, but it takes a true traveler to know what a gem it is. Chennai doesn’t try to hide it’s flaws, instead it embraces them, thus going on to define that every great thing has a scar which just magnifies its beauty.

Bibhu Sarkar

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