Superb apps to save money and get free stuff when shopping in India

End of the month. Still a couple of days before salary is credited into the account. More broke than the Parle-G biscuits you’re surviving on.

We know that feeling. Which is why we’ve compiled a quick and sure shot way of saving money without cutting down on your lifestyle habits.

Get the Mypoolin app

– Get the app by clicking here and select any 4 of your flatmates’ / friends’ contacts. Mypoolin will then award Rs. 50 (from their own pocket and not yours!) to the whole group including you, buy directly into bank accounts

– Invite more of your friends to join Mypoolin (from ‘Invite & Earn’ section inside the app) and earn up to Rs. 600 to use on Flipkart / BookMyShow vouchers

– For any queries, reach out to +91-9599771577 or


Mypoolin is the coolest and fastest way to transfer money among friends & flatmates in a fun manner. You can send and receive money directly into bank accounts (24×7 free of cost), using just the recipient’s “mobile number”. Not only that, you can also split & settle your daily bills with friends for all use cases like dining, events, rent, movies & much more. And you can chat & plan together for stuff like gifting, outing, parties etc. Welcome to the new age social way to pay and you will never look at any other option in the same way again.

Get the Quirk Card

The Quirk Card is Bangalore’s new urban essential, a city pass that makes your pocket happier, your nights drunker and your meals better! By giving you a flat 25% Off on any Food & Alcohol bills at the 50 of the best pubs & restaurants in Bangalore. At all times of the day and all days of the week. That’s how!

Some of the top restaurants you can use your Quirk Card at are The Fatty Bao, Big Brewsky, Monkey Bar, Loft38, Barleyz, The Hole in the Wall Cafe and many more!

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Get the Smytten app

Addicted to luxury brands but don’t have enough money left to splurge on them all? No worries. Just download Smytten and get invited to try samples (for free!) of super premium branded products from L’occitane to B:Blunt.

– Get the Smytten app from here and sign up with your Facebook or LinkedIn account

– Request for an exclusive invite. You’ll have to wait a few days for the invite to be accepted

– Once you get invite (and access) into the app, go bonkers ordering samples (they’re smaller than usual sizes but come on they are free!)

– You can order up to 3 samples in one go. To order more samples, just make a purchase on the app

Do you know of more such awesomeness that helps you save money without comprising on getting what you want? Do let us know.

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