Pamper Those 2 Wheels

Let’s be honest. How many times have we shrugged off the idea of taking our bikes to the service centre and had a mental appointment date fixed for a future date that would never come? Guilty as charged, here and the lazy potato in us scores once again.

But in our defence, we often find ourselves strategically placed miles away from a decent service centre, and things can be quite frustrating when the precious ride breaks down and you’re helpless. But thanks to DrivoJoy, help is now at our fingertips.

An on-demand 2 wheeler service company, DrivoJoy comes to the rescue to all those who seek a little pampering for their bikes.

Fire the app from anywhere, be it your home, office or stranded on a road, expert and trusted mechanics are at your service to help you with breakdown assistance, a door-step regular check-up and full service (a thoroughly designed 37-point checklist is used to create a SOP), major engine overhaul and repair services and even vehicle ownership transfer.Drivojoy e-flyer

With exceptionally transparent services, your bikes are serviced right in front of you and genuine spares and parts purchased directly from the distributors are fixed with your consent.

Further, DrivoJoy also provides owners with the option of Annual Maintenance Contract at attractive prices which are around 40-50% cheaper than a service centre.

The Bangalore-based startup is founded by Aman Singhal, Vishwanath Kollapudi and Ravindra Akella in August 2015 has serviced over 5000 bikes and is growing at 15% week on week. They currently provide services in Bangalore, and soon plan to enter other metros and Tier-2 cities.

Download the app from Google Play, and you’re all set to have your 2 wheeler repaired and serviced.

Now for the best part

Use coupon code DJZELO and avail a Rs.75 discount on DrivoJoy Full Service. This deal is handcrafted for our LifeStyle readers, and we hope you make the most of it. Do share your experiences with us in the comments section.


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