Things To Shop And Do In Kota To Make Your Stay Worthwhile

The majestic province of Kota is filled with stunning sites that are to be seen once in a lifetime. Particularly, website people who are history and art lovers will have a great time in the city seeing the prepossessing structures. So if you are visiting the city or staying in a hostel or a PG, take some time out and lose yourself to the wonders this city has to offer.

A thing of beauty

Along with this, one must and should go boating on the sparkling water of the Chambal river. One can enjoy the fresh air during boating and can even appreciate seeing various species of birds.

Apart from sightseeing in Kota, travelers who like shopping can venture into the markets as the city allows one to bag various interesting Rajasthani traditional goods.

Seeing the valuable collection displayed at the Rao Madho Singh Museum and the Government Museum will be a great episode. Both the places preserve numerous precious royal items, silver furniture, armory, paintings, sculptures, inscriptions and many more.

Rao Mahadeo Singh Museum

Starting from the traditional architecture till the contemporary sites the whole city of Kota offers a great experience to travelers who likes a memorable vacation. The remarkable city of Kota transforms into a more colourful and opulent destination during the time of the festivals and fairs.

Shopping in Kota

Kota can be considered to be the shopper’s haven as one gets a chance to procure various kinds of traditional goods in the local markets. Shopping in the city will be a bountiful experience as the city is famous for handicrafts, stonework, and particularly sarees.

Kota sarees are world famous apparels and are extremely popular for their comfort and the magical appeal. Every woman tends to drape herself in the most charming apparel of the Kota sarees which are also known to be Kota Doria. It will be an impossible task to turn back without purchasing the beautiful sarees weaved using various colored threads.

Kota Doria

Along with the intricately finished textiles, one even gets a chance to shop for famous miniature paintings and all other Rajasthani traditional goods. Shopaholics can buy the items from government emporiums and many shopping stores that are present all around in the market place.

Miniature paintings

People interested in decorating their living places with well crafted artifacts and decors must shop in Kota and pick the beautiful antiquity, amazing furniture, utensils made of stones, and pottery.

Stone utensils

So go out and hit the streets of Kota. You will be mesmerised by the culture and deep rooted traditions that refuse to be overshadowed by the wave of modernity.

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