Movie Roles You Won’t Believe Were Passed On By Big Stars

Just imagine Chunky Pandey playing SRK‘s role in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Not a pretty picture eh? Personally I believe it would have made the movie far more entertaining but then again I am weird. So forgive me for making such a blasphemous statement. Please don’t ka… ka.. ka… kill me. You see, every once in a while an actor of great prominence lets a role slip by, that consequently goes on to become iconic. I assume they went on to regret their decision and probably cried in the dark for making such a mistake.

So here is a list of actors that passed on great roles/movies which went on to break box office records :

Sean Connery – Lord of the Rings 


Sean ‘James Bond’ Connery was offered the role of Gandalf from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy. He probably had had a little too much stirred martini on the day of script reading because he actually rejected the role. Come on, which grown ass man doesn’t want to be an insanely powerful and hairy wizard. Anyway, Sir Ian McKellan eventually landed the role of the famous wizard. Lord of the Rings went on to win numerous prestigious awards by which I mean Oscars duh!  On the plus side it made the producers criminally rich.

Will Smith – The Matrix


Keanu is Neo. Period. The man is as expressive as a chair but that worked to his advantage in The Matrix films, you have to agree to that. Will Smith was initially offered the role but due to lack of better judgement he let go of it. Later on the Fresh Prince did admit to regretting the decision. Poor guy never got a chance to save the world while wearing leather pants.

John Cusack – The Breakfast Club


‘The Breakfast Club’ is a timeless classic that you have to get your hands on. John Cusack, the star of 2012, was suppose to play the part of ‘Bender’ but due to schedule conflicts he had to pass it on.  Judd Nelson ended up with the role, the chick and all the glory, while Mr. Cusack was trying to woo a girl by hoisting a blaring stereo over his head.

Kevin Costner – Kill Bill 


First of all when Quentin Tarantino offers a role, you take it, no questions asked. Kevin Costner learnt that the hard way. Mr. Water World was offered the role of ‘Bill’ in Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and Kill Bill: Vol. 2 but he opted out as he wanted to direct Open Range, *cough cough* a ground breaking movie you probably have never heard of. Kill Bill went on to become a world wide rage furthering the legacy of Tarantino as one of the greatest storytellers of his generation.

Al Pacino – Star Wars


Al Pacino is the dude. The man yells on behalf of all mankind and we love him for that. Initially the ‘Scarface‘ actor was considered to be part of the Star Wars Universe as Han Solo but due to certain reasons he let go of the role. Harrison Ford took the part of the smart-mouth smuggler whose best friend is an alien (Who is as hairy as your girlfriend). The movie went on to strike box office gold and gave birth to a whole new breed of nerds obsessing over Princess Leia and Chewbacca equally.

So movie buffs everywhere, if you know of any such epic roles that were passed on by great actors definitely let us know, we would love to hear from you.

Bibhu Sarkar

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