8 Reasons Why You’ll Never Find Another Place Like Bengaluru

Somewhere between the non-stop haggling with auto drivers and sipping a hot filter kaapi on a foggy winter morning, we all fell in love with this city. Chances are, you might have migrated from other cities, states or even countries, or you might be one of those born and brought up here, but Bengaluru will always make you feel loved and you’re bound to eventually call this place home.
And once you get a taste of what life is like here, no other city would ever match up with good old Bengaluru. And here’s what makes this city so awesome, that you’ll miss it no matter where you go!


Maybe we are too biassed, but to every Bengalurian, no place on earth has a better weather than namma Bengaluru. The chill fog in the early winter mornings, the sudden surprise of a refreshing drizzle to a warm summer noon, our city has it all.  Also, fun fact: Bengaluru is situated higher than Dehradun! No wonder we’re so cool (pun intended)!

Vidhana Soudha



Name a cuisine, we probably have it. The mouth-watering masala dosas to the best idlis ever at Vidyarthi Bhavan and MTR and Veena Stores set benchmarks to south Indian delicacies.  Indira Nagar and Koramangala are foodie paradises with restaurants offering you the world of food at every corner. And once Ramzan sets in it’s a culinary paradise. Could this city get any better? Yes, yes it can!

Idli Vada



The Silicon City of India, Start Up Hub of India, IT Capital… the city is a treasure trove of opportunities.  You dream to be a professional photographer? An entrepreneur? A tech-savvy engineer who could change the tech world? The red carpet is rolled right away for you. Not to mention that this city gave birth to Infosys, Wipro, Flipkart and so much more!

WTC, Bangalore



Yes, we do have deadlines. But that only makes us party harder. Being the pub hub of the country, we boast of fantastic microbreweries, lounges with the best reggae music, one of the most amazing beer cultures and out of the world weekend parties. Add in some of the best crowd and beautiful food and drinks, you’re bound to have the best time of your life. No matter where you live, once Bengaluru’s nightlife spoils you, you’ll always miss it.

Bangalore Crowd



The diversity in Bengaluru is what makes this city this exciting! You’ll find expats, migrants from other countries, states, cities, and of course the wonderfully welcoming locals. You’d never feel alone because you’re most likely to find someone who shares the same language and culture as you. And if you don’t find one, the whole city is welcoming. Everyone knows more than one language, and most of us speak English. And you’re not likely to find such diversity anywhere else. (Even if you do, Bengaluru is still awesome)



Bengaluru’s Filter Kaapi is legendary. Period. The aroma of the hot piping coffee as it warms your hand in the city’s beautiful weather is a party to the senses. And our obsession for coffee doesn’t stop there. Café Coffee Day was born here, and you’ll find it in every corner of this coffee addicted city. Hangout place? Check!

Filter coffee



Hate it or love it, you’ll definitely miss the extreme traffic jams. Not something that we are proud of, but every Bengalurian has adapted to a lifestyle of constant honks and snail-paced traffic. Put us into any extremes of traffic, we’d make it out of it just fine.

Blr Traffic



Cricket is surely religion. And we are beyond devoted to our home team, the Royal Challengers Bengaluru. The sea of cheering red at Chinnaswamy Stadium only proves that no other city supports their team better than ours. Win or lose, Bengaluru has always been proud of their men in red!

Balashankar T P

Wanderer, Reader and Learner.