8 Beauty Essentials Every Girl Should Keep Handy

Hello Beautiful!


Going out for the day? Or planning to dance your heart out? Have an important meeting later today? Sure your makeup will last the night? Unless you want to look like a washed up panda by the end of the day (and night) here’s what you must carry on you, almost always!

1. A Compact Mirror

Compact mirror

This is almost a bestie when it comes to rushing from office to parties or even when flying out on a business trip. Keep it in your purse, and forget about removing it.


  • A quick touch up anywhere and everywhere.
  • Travel-friendly and is small enough to fit anywhere.

Cost: A good compact mirror can cost you around 150 bucks or more.


2. Tissues Or Wipes

Hand wipes

These are a must-have. From wiping those sudden tears to helping clean up smudged eye make-up , wet tissues are a perfect companion for any girl. 


  • Can be used for a quick clean-up of your face, and more, thereby giving you a fresh feel.
  • Using a wet tissue can help you to maintain hygiene.
  • Pre-cut wipes are easy to use and easy to dispose.

Cost: Starts from around 40 bucks.


3. Face wash pouch

Face wash pouch

A hectic day with no time to spend on yourself calls for a face wash to give you a quick fresh look in a jiffy, this is when the pouch scrub comes handy.


  • An instant way to get a fresh look.
  • An easy way to refresh your skin.

Cost: Starts from just Re.1.


4. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer

A perfect pick for your beauty bag, the hand sanitizer is necessary for girls since public toilets or restrooms might not have the cleanest of stuff always. And it also prepares you to eat hygienically in the absence of a wash basin.


  • Super easy and super fast way to kill germs.
  • Helps in maintaining hygiene.
  • Ensures a proper hand wash.

Cost: Starts from around Rs. 50.


5. Kohl or Kajal Pencil

kohl pencil

Feeling dull? Brighten your face by lining your eyes. Add some edge to your fashion sense with the right kajal or kohl pencil to help you around. Let your eyes do the talking.


  • Kohl can brighten up your eyes at any time of the day.
  • Can be used to style in many ways.
  • Super easy to carry.

Cost:  Starts from around Rs. 150.


6. Lipstick

Lip stick

Pick your pet shade—browns to reds. Trust us, putting even the lightest shade of a lipstick is an awesome way to brighten up your face instantly. A shade of dark red is also a must have for you bag to get you party ready in a jiffy.


  • A simple shade of it gets you glowing.
  • Instant way to beautify your face.
  • Can be used as a blush or an eye shadow.

Cost: starts from 100 bucks.


7. Lip Balm

Lip balm

Yum—the balms in stock are all berry like and tasty. This surely makes it to every girl’s list,  thanks to it’s moisturizing and hydrating qualities.


  • Moisturizes your lips.
  • In case, you are not carrying a lipstick a flavoured lip balm will serve the purpose.

Cost: Starts from 110-150 bucks.


8. Moisturizer


The longer you stay in air-conditioning, the drier your skin gets. Say yes to supple skin and moisturized elbows with the right moisturizer in your bag. Carry it around always since you never know when it could become too dry!


  • Cleansing leaves your pores open, so moisturizers are absolutely necessary after you clean your face.
  • Helps to keep your skin smooth and soft.
  • You can even use it to clean up smudged make-up.

Cost: Starts from around 100 bucks.

Well, we believe to have covered all the staples. With the right beauty bag in tow, you simply can say hello to a beautiful ‘you’ every day!