7 New Year Resolutions and What Happens 2 Months After

It’s that time of the year again when you reflect on your life, find flaws in it, find ways to fix it. But how long does it take to get back to the way things were to begin with. We have compiled a list of most popular resolutions, and what actually ends up happening as the year goes by.

Lose Weight

Resolution in January: I am going to get (back) into shape this year.

2 months later: The weighing machine I bought can be used to measure bags before taking a flight. This new yoga mat would serve as a good carpet for the dog. The yearly gym membership I bought would need to be resold on OLX or a Facebook group.


Woman showing how much weight she lost. Healthy lifestyles concept


Stop Eating Junk

Resolution in January: I am only going to eat healthy from now on.

2 months later: These fruits taste better when made into a milkshake with whipped cream and loads of sugar. Salads are for cows. I’ll cook at home. But only Maggi and white sauce pasta with extra cheese. One packet of chips can’t hurt anyone. Not even the fifth one.

eat healthy


Save Money

Resolution in January: I will save money and build a good bank balance.

2 months later: Oh look, SALE!

save money

Learn Something New

Resolution in January: I’ll learn a new language or maybe polish a hobby.

2 months later: Can’t find a good teacher. Can’t find a good app. Can’t find the time.

learn something

Quit Smoking

Resolution in January: I am going to stop smoking. This time, for good.

2 months later: I have come down from 2 packs a day to 2 cigarettes a day. The rest of the time, I just use a vape. I smoke more when I drink. And when I’m on vacation. And on rainy days. And in the winter. And when the boss yells. But that doesn’t count. I’ve really cut down, ya.

quit smoking


Drink Less

Resolution in January: I am going to reduce drinking.

2 months later: I only drink when I’m happy. And when I’m sad.

drink less

Spend More Time With Family

Resolution in January: I am going to spend more time with my family.

2 months later: We watch Netflix together. On our own laptops. Our favorite shows, respectively.

time family

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