5 Ways to Make Your Rented Room Look Fabulous

Staying in a new city away from your Bat Cave can be real hard. Your new rentals look so terribly strange, and the only way to feel at home is to satisfy your thirst to decorate it and make it look truly yours. But let’s begin by having some ground rules. Don’t scrawl, even if it’s your wall. Simple enough? As much as you love that epic Game of Thrones poster, or enjoy practising your new football skills against the wall, remember that stray sticky tape marks, random holes, stains and nails on the wall after you vacate can be a deal breaker for the next potential home seeker. Not to mention the loss of your security deposit, in part or full! So are there really ways to make your room look better without breaking rules? Of course, there are. Here are some great ways to turn strange lands to great looking rooms, without leaving your landlord fuming and red.


Come home to bouncy bean bags every day? A big fat yes! Investing in some great furniture like a bean bag, a small tea table, a nice bright lamp can make your room look a great deal better. Just because the space belongs to someone else, doesn’t mean you don’t get to make it look more inviting. Also, you get to keep it as precious memories of your struggling days years ahead in the future.



For the creative minds (and the patient ones), do-it-yourself accessories for your room can be a great way to personalise your room. There are tonnes of ways that you could recycle everyday home objects to pieces of great art. Got old shoe boxes? Paint them to your heart’s content and voila, you have a new store box for books, stationery, and what not. Get more DIY interior decoration ideas from here.




Mini potted plants are a great way to decorate any place. They add a natural beauty to the room and you can say goodbye to that sterile look your room puts out. Ensure they’re watered, and you’re good to go with a great looking room to stay in. And if you want to make it more innovative, check out this great idea for adding a green touch from here.



Always. You might be someone who loves to breathe in the smell of old pizzas, but more often than not, house owners don’t have similar tastes. They’d like to see the place the way they rented it out to you, not as a mad scientist’s laboratory. Keep it clean and keep it fresh and avoid leaving stray marks on the walls. Remember the thumb rule, don’t scrawl, if it’s not your wall.

simpsons_clean room


Who doesn’t love to fall onto a welcoming bed after a long day, to finally get that well-deserved sleep? Make it even better by buying bright coloured bed sheets (or crisp whites, if that’s what you prefer) and loads of fluffy pillows. And there’s always room for some jugaad – recycle your old bedsheet! Make your bedding more attractive through these simple steps.


Tell us about all you have tried to make your corner cosier, we’d love to see some pictures.

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