5 Things Kota Will Teach Every Student

“To go or not to go to Kota?” – A difficult choice, but one that needs to be made by almost every science student soon after the board exams. Once the choice has been made, and Kota is your next destination, you need a survival kit.

You have already made a good decision on the most important aspect of your Kota adventure – staying at Zolo Hostels in Kota. But moving away from home can be a nerve-wrecking experience for a first timer. There are so many doubts in mind – How tough is the competition? Will I get time for anything other than studying? How will I survive away from my comfort zone of 15 years? You’ll find most of your answers as you read further. The rest, you would have to explore and find out for yourself.

In India, where children are raised in a protective environment, you actually get a chance in Kota to explore and test yourself for the first time.

Here are 5 things you will learn while preparing for IIT /AIIMS exams from Kota –

You become a decision maker –

Decision Making
Ever since you are born, someone has always been there to take care of you and make decisions on your behalf. That all changes when you start living all on your own in Kota. Of course there are friends to help you out but there is always a sense of responsibility on the shoulders. It’s you who is in charge of thinking about your good and bad. Your parents are not there to that for you. At the end of it all, your decision making capability makes you more mature as an individual.

The meaning of real competition –

Life is usually laid back till your 10th board examinations. Once you move to Kota after that, you get to see the world in a different light.
You get to realize how tough it is out there in the actual world where lakhs of students fight it out to grab the few thousands of seats offered by the top universities in India. Generally it’s the competition which either makes or breaks the student. Some flourish, while others start to crumble under pressure. It’s a little strong statement to make, but this is how hard life gets eventually.

24 hours is not an eternity anymore –


With 8 hours of class everyday and then hundreds of DPP’s to solve, you always seem to be running out of time. There is so much to do all the time, even finding time to sleep becomes difficult. If you are a sincere student then the added pressure of coaching institutes makes sure that you don’t get time for any leisure activities. And in case you are not a sincere student then there is all the time in the world for you to play computer games in cafes and roam around in the city mall.

Food is no more the only love of your life –


Your special love towards food starts fading once you get addicted to books. It wouldn’t matter the kind of food you are having once you realize there is more to life than just good food. As long as it fills your tummy you are good to go.

Introspection will become a daily habit –


Everyone who joins a coaching institute, starts with a dream of clearing the JEE/AIPMT paper. Even if you were a good student in school doesn’t necessarily make you good one in Kota. You have to prove your mettle among lakhs of students who are competing for the same number of seats, in order to succeed.
There is just so much competition in India that until and unless you don’t accept where you stand and introspect, it’s very difficult to cope up with reality.

Kota teaches a lot of things, it shows you the picture of the not so simple world. It’s tough love for all you know. But whatever is the end result, you will come out a fighter. A fighter who can take the hardest punch that life has to throw and still get back up without a moment of hesitation.

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